About Us

Canada LIVE is a livestock internet video exchange offering producers the option to present their cattle for sale through online video and take advantage of the benefits of forward delivery. 

In 2010 Southern Alberta Livestock Exchange was one of the first Canadian auction markets to offer “American” style feature cattle sales via online video that presented thousands of cattle to an international market of buyers.  The first Yearling Classic Video Sale at Chain Lakes sold 12,000+ cattle.  Growth to 2014 featured over 40,000+ combined cattle sold at the August Yearling Classic and the September Calf & Yearling Sale.

The trend south of the border is that approximately 75% of the large lot cattle are sold through online video sales.  Canada LIVE is providing Canadian Producers an opportunity to access that international marketplace at feature cattle sales offering thousands of head of cattle.

Marketing your cattle through video sales for future delivery allows the producer to sell with confidence and minimalize the emotional side of harvest.  Listing your cattle in a video sale offers:

Producers spend endless hours, in challenging work conditions and engage in diligent efforts outside of the typical 9 to 5 in order to get their cattle ready for market.  Video sales reward producers, their families and friends with a venue to come out, enjoy the sale, celebrate with friends and enjoy a good ole’ rib eye steak.  After all, our livelyhoods need to be fun and producers deserve to be rewarded for a job well done.

Canada LIVE invites you to give us a call and see if video sale marketing is a fit for you.  From regular weekly sales to featured video sales, we have a marketing solution.  List your livestock with one of our Canada LIVE Representatives today.