List your Cattle

To list your cattle in one of Canada LIVE's video sales, contact one of the following representatives today.  The representative will discuss the details and options with you in order to market your cattle in the best suited manner.  The following steps will occur:

  1. Initial consultation with a Canada LIVE representative.
  2. The Representative will visit your ranch/farm to view and video the cattle.
  3. A detailed "Listing Information Form" will be completed, detailing all of the information pertaining to your cattle for sale.  Click here to download form.
  4. Your cattle will be listed in the appropriate video sale.  Buyers will watch/participate in the sale and a successful bidder will purchase the cattle. 
  5. A contract is signed between the Buyer and Seller, identifying the details of the sale including, **price, shrink, slide and delivery date.
  6. As the delivery date approaches, the Representative will contact the Buyer and Seller to coordinate the shipping of the cattle.
  7. On delivery day, a Canada LIVE Representative will be present to inspect, sort, weigh and load the cattle to be shipped to the Buyer.
  8. Payment will be made to the Seller according to standard auction protocol.

 **Price = the amount the Buyer agreed to pay for the cattle, by the pound, at the auction as identified by the Auctioneer and documented in the purchase contract.

**Shrink = The percentage that will be subtracted from the actual live weight of the cattle to determine the pay weight for the cattle.  For instance if the steer weighs 850 actual pounds on delivery day and the shrink is 3%, the pay weight will equal 850lbs minus 25.5lbs (850 x 3%) to arrive at a pay weight of 824.50.

**Slide = the amount the price will be adjusted according to the difference in the predicted weight of the cattle and the actual weight of the cattle on delivery day. 

**Delivery Date = When the cattle are listed, the Seller and the Representative determine, typically, a 1 to 5 day period when the cattle are to be shipped.  This allows for flexibility with the actual date, due to unpredictable factors such as weather and trucking availability.  As the delivery day approaches, a specific time and day are determined.

Call one of our Representatives and list your cattle today!!


Allan Lively - 403.627.7776
Justin Keeley - 403.627.6534
Darren Shaw - 403.601.5165
Dan McDougall - 403.634.0604
Ryan Konynenbelt - 403.892.6534
Fort Macleod: Steve Quinton - 403.653.7228
High River: Cody Sawley - 403.652.0684
High River: Jay Nelson - 403.652.0402
Brooks Area: Colin McNiven - 403.793.1699
Calgary/Red Deer: Skyler McBride - 403.815.5867; Kelly Armstrong - 403.741.5422

William Beierbach - 306.299.2073

British Columbia:

Ryan Culligan - 250.488.3108